What Season is it?

Black Bear: May 15 to June 30
Fishing May 19 to October 9
Moose (rifle) September 30 to October 8


Weather your looking for Northern pike, walleye, speckled grey speckled trout
Black bear, moose, or small game, Kipawa lake is the perfect place to hunt and fish.

Some of the fish you could encounter include Grey and speckled trout, pike, walleye. Game include
Black bear, moose, & small game.

Although less common one can also find Pike, whitefish, walleye, sturgeon, speckled and grey trout
Bear, moose, &, waterfowl

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Kipawa         Hunting!Fishing!


  • ...Lake Kipawa, a 28,400 hectare multi-basin lake trout lake in Quebec, experienced a yield of 0.87 kg./ha./yr in 1989(Nadeau, 1989)...

Drifter Trip 1991


Kipawa Outfitters Map ( A map showing you which lakes the outfitters are on)

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